What is it?

One of the ways in which Healthy Soil is judged is by the wide variety of beneficial micro-organisms within it. There are thousands of different kinds of good microbes, bacteria and fungi; each having a specific role to play in creating healthy plants. Some break down nutrients into a usable form, some defend against insect pests, some remedy diseases and harmful molds, some attack bad bacteria, etc. Most Calgary soils have important varieties of these microbes completely missing!

Compost Tea is NOT merely manure and water! (this can actually harm a lawn!) Properly brewed tea first starts with…well prepared compost. A wide variety of ingredients are in our compost, including earthworm castings. This ensures that the variety of microbes necessary for excellent result and brewing are present.

A 5 lb. compost teabag is suspended in a 50 gallon specially made tea brewer. The water is de-chlorinated and brought up to room temperature. A high capacity air bubbler is placed around the bottom of the brewer and under the teabag. This supplies oxygen for the microbes, but also gently dislodges them from the compost, into the solution. Food for the microbes (such as molasses, fish, kelp and yucca) is added, and the brewer bubbles away for 24 to 36 hours.

A perfect breeding ground is created for good microbes only, and within that time period, they reproduce up to 10,000 times! It is this “PRO-BIOTIC” solution that is sprayed onto your lawn, shrubs, flower beds and vegetable gardens. The microbes immediately go to work for your plants; then set-up shop in your soil. Along with our Organic Fertilizer Program, they continue to thrive in your soil, creating the best bio-diversity that can possibly be!

The result? Super-healthy lawns, vibrant flowers, shrubs that thrive, and vegetables like you’ve never seen before!

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