Why Organics?

Why should I switch to an organic approach to yard care rather than keep putting on regular chemicals and pesticides? My lawn looked pretty green, why should I change?

Factually, there are too many chemicals in our environment today as it is!! We all know just how polluted it is becoming out there. Chemicals are everywhere in today’s society, but here, I just want to touch on how the use of organics in the environment around your own home can help, and why.

Chemical fertilizer is not real food! It is a man-made, synthetic version of food! Just as you would want your kids to eat well-balanced meals with all the various veggies and fruits etc., with little “junk food”, the same goes for your lawn! It has been well known, that a good healthy diet for you and your children keeps one healthy; creating a strong immune system that helps the body fight-off illness etc., and grow strong! The same for your lawn!

Just as your body doesn’t like chemicals of any kind, your lawn resists taking it in. It’s “not natural”, so it has to be a “forced in”. So much chemical fertilizer has to be used; so that “some of it makes its way in”! (the rest is wasted!)

Chemical fertilizer is made with only 3 basic man-made ingredients- nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium. Organics has those basic 3 nutrients (from natural sources), but goes much further and has a full array of all the dozens of various “trace minerals” as well! Lawns need these minerals too! (just as you do from fruits and veggies!)

Chemical fertilizer is just as “salty” as table salt! That is why if you put on too much regular fertilizer, your lawn “burns”. The salts in it are toxic to all the organisms in the soil! Salt kills a lot of the beneficial microbes etc. that are its own “immune system”! Ever see what happens to the lawn around the sidewalks you put salt on to melt ice last winter, or the blvds. where they salt the roads? The salt killed off all the beneficial bacteria and microbes, so the grass can’t grow there. Usually you have to dig out the “contaminated soil”, put fresh soil (alive with biology), and re-seed.

Organic fertilizer stimulates all the beneficial organisms in your soil. It is all this biological activity that becomes the plants immune own system. There are hundreds of different types of microbes and bacteria; each with its own specific job to do. Some fight bad fungus, some attack pests, some increase stress tolerance.They break down thatch into organic material, creating great soil and food, in a form that plants love. There’s an expression; “All Life Provides”. That’s true, only if you’ve made sure that the “life” is there to begin with by not killing it off with chemical fertilizers!

Our organic program has specific natural minerals that suppress weed growth. (there is a lot of research that verifies that dandy-lions only grow in soils with low calcium levels, for ie.) As the lawn is doing so well, it actually chokes out the weeds. Our long-term customers are very happy with the very few weeds that are present. You can throw away the toxic weed-killers of the past!

In the past, you may have “tried some organic stuff” on your lawn without much success. Some have tried corn-meal with not any great result; or tried chicken or cow manure one year, weren’t happy and went back to chemicals. Today’s research is way beyond that now! On our home page, we’ve listed some of the ingredients we use. We are “results driven”, and don’t use things that don’t work! There isn’t another service in Calgary who’s organic program is so complete or that produces better results!

I am excited to bring our Organic Program to our existing customers, and would like to take this opportunity to have any regular chemical-type fertilizer homeowners to switch, and “GO GREEN” with us!