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• What is Aeration?
• What is a power rake?
• What is included in your Hand Rake?
• Why do you do a first cut during your spring clean up if the lawn isn’t growing?
• What kind of fertilizer do you use?
• What are the details of a cut and trim?
• How do your hourly rates work?
• How does the leaf cleanup work?

What is Core Aeration?
Core Aeration combats soil compaction by punching holes through the thatch layer of your lawn and removing small plugs of soil. This increases the surface area of the lawn, and promotes exchange of gases with the atmosphere. Consequently this action promotes the population of aerobic microbes who need this oxygen, to break down organic material in the soil. It also allows water and fertilizer to more efficiently reach your lawn’s roots.

What is a power rake?
Power Raking removes thatch from a lawn. Thatch is the dead or dying grass parts at the base of your grass that prevent moisture and oxygen from reaching plant roots. Chemically treated or neglected lawns need de-thatching once a year, or whenever the thatch reaches a thickness of about 1/2 inch.

Lush lawns uses a professional Power Raking machine to bring up most of the thatch. Please note: this machine is not intended, nor is it our intent to bring up all your lawn’s thatch. A healthy lawn needs thatch to ensure humidity retention, and also to protect the collars of your plants from the sun.

Too much thatch is a barrier to air, water and fertilizer and too little strips your grass of its protective insulator. The microbes in our fertilizer breaks down thatch and converts that to nutrients. As mentioned earlier, not all lawns need to be power raked every year, especially lawns that use our products.

What is included in your Hand Rake?
After Lush Lawns power rakes, we then will do a light hand rake of the yard’s perimeter providing some minor yard cleanup. After this, we rake everything into piles and bag it in our compostable bags. Any remaining loose thatch will be picked up with the mower when we do the first cut. If requested, there is a charge for the removal of the debris from these services.

Why do you do a first cut during your spring clean up if the lawn isn’t growing?
In the spring cleanup package we only cut to vacuum up remaining thatch that is left from our power rake and hand rake.

What kind of fertilizer do you use?
Lush Lawns uses our own specially developed Bio-Organic Fertilizer. Our ingredients include, but are not limited to: compost tea, blood meal, fishbone meal, bat guano, no-odor fish, kelp, sunflower hull ash, worm castings, urea, organic rock, phosphate, live microbes, sugar beet, black molasses and a full array of minerals. The results are great!

What are the details of a cut and trim?
Lush Lawns uses professional commercial mowers and trimmers. We also sharpen our blades daily. We will accommodate our clients reasonable requests regarding cutting and rimming preferences if sufficient notice has been given such as alternating the pattern in which we mow your lawn etc.

Lush Lawns bags the clippings in compostable bags for our clients. Our clients can then compost the clippings themselves or place the bags in their green bins for collection from the city. We will then use our blowers to clean up any debris left on sidewalks and driveways.

Please note, if you have pets, we ask that you pick up their waste, this is not part of our service and we will have to go around it.

How do your hourly rates work?
With jobs Lush Lawns does not have a set rate form Lush Lawns hourly rates are $65.00 per hour.

How does the leaf clean-up work?
Leaf clean-up is booked at an hourly rate. This includes limited use of a blower, hand raking and collection into piles which are bagged. Lush Lawns then a cuts to vacuum up the loose debris.
Please keep in mind with leaf clean up that we don’t agree to remove all the leaves only the leaves we get.  Laves can still fall from the tress and blow from other areas.