Liq. Gypsum

What Does “Gypsum” Do?

Landscape Gypsum (calcium sulphate) has long been know to be a “Clay Buster”. It opens up old hard soil – allowing rain, lawn watering, and air to reach deeper down into the soil layers. Gypsum actually does a better job of “aerating” your soil than conventional aerating, all without the messy plugs all over your lawn!

Calcium is one of the “Building Blocks” of all plant and animal life. It aids in strong cell walls in the grass itself, and has the added benefit of leaching out harmful salts and other toxins, and helps to balance out soil pH. Studies have shown that increased levels of calcium can also minimize weeds. All the microbe life in the soil will love it!

Natural, organic, and totally safe, we are very pleased to this service to our clients who will see this benefit!